Before and After Lip Filler Injections at Blu Cocoon

Longing for lovely, luscious (but natural-looking) lips?

Lip filler injections are quick, virtually painless and one of our top treatments at our San Jose MedSpa. Fuller lips achieved with dermal fillers can last from 6 to 12+ months. Check out these before and after lip filler photos of Blu Cocoon clients who have been extremely happy with their result.

Before and After Photos of Lip Filler at Blu Cocoon

Before and After Lip Filler at Blu Cocoon San Jose

Natural-looking fuller lips make a gorgeous smile stand out more! “After” photo taken 5 months after (2) separate injection of Juvederm Ultra, one month apart.

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Before and After Lip Filler in San Jose at Blu Cocoon MedSpa

The above client wanted her lips to look fuller, as naturally as possible. We told her it would take patience if she wanted her lips to fill out “naturally”.
The “before” photo (top) was taken 4 years ago. Fast forward to now, the middle photo shows how her lips look 9 months after her last injection. This is her new “deflated”. The bottom photo shows refilled lip immediately after.

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Lip Filler Before and After at Blu Cocoon MedSpa San Jose

The above client wanted slightly fuller and more symmetrical lips. This was achieved with 1 syringe of Restylane.

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San Jose MedSpa Lip Filler Augmentation Before and After Photos
This client had 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra and she is happy with her natural-looking full lips. “Before” photos on left and the “after” photos on right taken 2 weeks after her first injection.

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If you are interested in dermal filler lip augmentation, call us at 408-295-2580 to schedule an appointment.

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