Ortho Biotic Supplements at Blu Cocoon

ortho biotic supplements in san jose, caOrtho Biotic supplements – manufactured by Ortho Molecular Products in the USA – are backed by research and formulated to work faster so you can be your best self.

Their supplements are formulated with care:

  • Evidence is gathered from well-controlled human clinical trials in populations similar to the demographics of the patients.
  • Raw materials are sourced based on content, not based on cost.
  • Each supplement has the right therapeutic dosage based on established research.
  • The supplements are made in their own plant in Wisconsin – from formulation to manufacturing to lab testing to bottling and labeling – so you can be assured the products are pure, safe, and effective.

These are the products that our staff and clients love:

Ortho Biotic Capsules – a probiotic that supports microflora balance. The innovative manufacturing process protects the microorganisms to remain dormant until they are exposed to the moisture in your GI tract for maximum benefit.

  • Helps maintain GI balance
  • Increases gut immunity
  • Supports digestion and micronutrient absorption
  • Supports bowel regularity

Ortho B Complex - a balanced and comprehensive supplement that includes 8 essential B vitamins plus choline and inositol.

  • Supports healthy methylation and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Promotes nervous system, immune and adrenal health
  • Supports neurotransmitter production for a positive mood
  • Protects against stress-induced nutrient depletion

Melatonin - a supplement to support healthy sleep patterns, especially in the elderly, those who work nighttime hours, and people traveling across time zones.

  • Encourages healthy sleep patterns
  • Maintains normal inflammatory balance
  • Helps to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm
  • Helps combat jet lag

Our San Jose Med Spa carries Ortho Biotic supplements. Next time you are in ask our staff what formula is right for you.

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