San Jose MedSpa Skin Care Tips in Your 50s

Skin is pretty amazing. It is our biggest organ but often gets less attention than other organs like the heart or liver or kidneys. What makes it so cool is that it is always regenerating without any of us ever having to nudge it along. But here is a little secret that we like to share with our San Jose MedSpa clients: if you give your skin a little extra attention, it can make a big difference.

We have quite a few clients who are 50-something (and beyond) and have asked for skin care “help”. That is the impetus for this blog post. If you are feeling like your skin has changed dramatically in your golden years, don’t fret! Read on about “mature” skin concerns and how you can best address them.

Extremely Dry Skin
One of the most common complaints about aging skin is how dry it is. The biggest culprit of dry skin is the dramatic decrease in estrogen due to perimenopause or menopause. A dip in hormones plus aging skin can equal drier skin than you’ve ever experienced, to the point of becoming uncomfortable.

Using a moisturizer is a must, in the morning and the evening. Look for a product that has hyaluronic acid in it so that it pulls moisture to the top layers of the skin.

Crepey, Thin Skin
With moisture levels dropping, and collagen and elastin levels declining (as they naturally do when we age), your skin may become thinner and appear to hang rather than support your face and neck. Wrinkles and fine lines also become more prominent with thinning skin.

Using a product that contains peptides will encourage new collagen production. SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum contains peptides, antioxidants (to fight free radical damage), and hyaluronic filling spheres to help trap water at the skin’s surface. This can be used on the face and neck area.

Take an additional step to tighten skin with the Refirme Laser Skin Tightening treatment. This non-invasive procedure will boost collagen growth and will improve skin laxity. Optimum results are seen when the laser treatments are done in a series.

Wrinkles and Deep Lines
Thin and dry skin, repeated facial expressions, sun exposure, and the breakdown of elastin and collagen all contribute to wrinkles and deep lines.

There are moisturizers and serums that can help, but what will make a tremendous difference in reversing the appearance of aging is the use of dermal fillers and Botox. Many dermal fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid to draw moisture to the skin while they plump up deep crevices and wrinkles and add volume to areas that have lost it. Botox or Dysport will ease forehead lines so the forehead appears smoother and wrinkle-free.

Come see us at Blu Cocoon to discuss your skin concerns. We will make recommendations based upon your skin type that will help give your skin a nudge in the right direction.

Request an appointment online or call us at 408-259-2580.

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