Corrective Acne Treatment in San Jose

You want to: Clear up your acne prone skin and prevent breakouts.

This treatment is designed to clear up troublesome breakouts and helps remove congestion, blackheads, and improve overall appearance of your skin. Soothing enzymes soften and exfoliate the skin prior to extraction. A custom blended mask is applied to draw out impurities and reduce excess oil and shine, leaving the skin balanced and hydrated. A complete skin analysis and consultation is performed to design a treatment and home care program that will give you radiant, clear skin.

Session Duration: 50 minutes. Series of 6 treatments at weekly intervals is recommended for best results, or as prescribed per your clinician.

Back Facial $125.00 $337.50 $37.50
Classic Facial $95.00 $256.50 $28.50
Classic Facial with Vibraderm $194.00 $523.80 $58.20
Corrective Acne Treatment $125.00 $337.50 $37.50
Facial Mask Peels $130.00 $351.00 $39.00
Gentlemen's Facial $95.00 $256.50 $28.50
VibraDerm Arms $200.00 $540.00 $60.00
VibraDerm Back $200.00 $540.00 $60.00
VibraDerm Face $150.00 $405.00 $45.00
VibraDerm Legs $250.00 $675.00 $75.00