1 in 20 Americans are impacted by rosacea (over 16 million people) and 54% of women struggle with adult acne and redness. Are you one of them?

Introducing a new product from Colorescience – All Calm™ Clinical Redness Corrector – corrects and soothes redness symptoms while providing UVA/UVB SPF 50 protection.

How All Calm™ works:

  1. CORRECT. Subtle green undertones neutralize and balance redness.
  2. PROTECT. UV exposure is the #1 trigger of rosacea. Powerful SPF 50 provides UVA/UVB defense.
  3. ADDRESS. Biosolace™ complex helps soothe and calm irritated skin, providing ongoing relief from redness and other symptoms related to sensitive skin.

All Calm™ features:

  • Helps prevent up to 90% of skin aging
  • Breathable, hydrating formula
  • Antioxidant and Vitamin E-enriched
  • No chemical active ingredients
  • Dermatologist recommended

How to Use:

Dispense 1-2 pumps onto fingertips and rub between fingers to activate the minerals. Apply liberally to lightly and evenly moisturize face. Apply your makeup over.

Before and After photos via Colorescience:

Colorescience All Calm Redness Corrector Before and After

Colorescience All Calm Before and After Photos

Get All Calm™ Clinical Redness Corrector and other Colorescience skincare products in San Jose at Blu Cocoon MedSpa.

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EltaMD Laser Enzyme Gel at Blu Cocoon San Jose

EltaMD’s Laser Enzyme Gel is an enhanced gel-based moisturizer that is ideal to use after non-ablative and mildly ablative laser procedures. It promotes skin healing, moisturization, and recovery while providing comfort.

  • Protease Technology combines enzymes to relieve inflammation and gently stimulate the skin’s natural repair processes.
  • Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and produces a cool, soothing sensation reducing inflammation and itch.
  • Formulated specifically for post-procedure skin.

To use: Apply immediately post-procedure to cool and moisturize. Can be repeated, per your clinician’s recommendation.

EltaMD’s Laser Enzyme Gel is available at Blu Cocoon MedSpa in San Jose.
Ask us about it for your next laser treatment.

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SkinPen is a micro-needling treatment for people who want smoother skin tone and texture, smaller pore size, and a reduction of scars, wrinkles, and fine lines.

The SkinPen creates very tiny punctures in the dermis (top layer of the skin) that triggers the reparative power of your body’s wound healing response. As the skin heals, collagen production is increased and the result is smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Here are SkinPen micro-needling before and after photos that show several areas of treatment.

Female, Age n/a, Forehead, Treatments: 6

SkinPen MicroNeedling in San Jose

Female, Age: 62, Left Hand, Treatments: 2

SkinPen at Blu Cocoon MedSpaMale, Age: 72, Forehead, Treatments: 5
(“After” photo 9 months post last treatment)

SkinPen Wrinkle Treatment Before After Photo

Female, Age: 72, Treatments: 2

SkinPen MicroNeedling Before and After Photo

More about SkinPen:

  • Most people see optimal results after 3 treatments that are scheduled 4 weeks apart. Some people may need more treatments, your clinician will help you decide.
  • After a treatment, some experience slight swelling and pink/redness (like a mild sunburn) for 2 to 4 days.
  • The natural repair process can take several weeks. Final results may appear 3 to 6 months after your final treatment.

To schedule a SkinPen Micro-Needling consultation at Blu Cocoon, call us today (408) 295-2580.

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We carry ClarityRX Clinical Skin Care products in our San Jose MedSpa. ClarityRX is a results-driven skin care line that is derived from “nature’s pharmacy” that includes plant and food-based ingredients to help you reach the results you desire.

ClarityRX Skin Care in San Jose at Blu Cocoon MedSpaClarityRX products are:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Sulfate / Phosphate Free
  • Responsibly Sourced
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Safe & Healthy
  • Made in the USA

ClarityRX products do NOT contain:

  • Synthetic or Harmful Chemicals
  • Artificial Fragrances (essential oils may be used to enhance scent)
  • Artificial Colorants (natural fruit / vegetable colors may be used to enhance product color)
  • Extenders
  • Fillers
  • Bulk Ingredients
  • Concentrated Formulas

ClarityRX skin care products address skin conditions such as:

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Sagging and more

If you are looking for skin care that is natural, pure, and effective, ClarityRX Skin Care may be the line for you.

Buy ClarityRX Skin Care products in San Jose at Blu Cocoon MedSpa.
Next time you are in, ask us which products are best for you!

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Join us for our Semi-Annual Wrinkle Free Friday on Friday, August 11, 2017!

  • BOTOX at $10/unit. Banking available (minimum 50 units, maximum 250 units)
  • DYSPORT at equivalent price
  • RESTYLANE / JUVEDERM XC $425 / 1 mL syringe; additional 1 mL syringe $395
  • RESTYLANE LYFT / JUVEDERM ULTRA PLUS XC $475 / 1 mL syringe; additional 1 mL syringe $445
  • VOLUMA $750 / 1 mL

Limited appointments that day! Call 408.295.2580 to pre-order today!

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We are now carrying a selection of Ortho Molecular Supplements in our San Jose MedSpa.

There are many supplement choices in stores and online, why did we choose Ortho Molecular?

The Power of “e“: Ortho Molecular has a commitment to achieving greater efficacy in their products so patients receive the highest possible levels of wellness. They do this through:

Ortho Molecular Supplements in San Jose at Blu Cocoon MedSpa

  • Formulations that work by choosing the highest quality of raw materials and using the dosage amount that is known to work the best.
  • Quality that is beyond what is expected by following rigid standard operating procedures and methods of procedure throughout production to ensure product consistency.
  • Manufacturing their products onsite in an FDA-auditing facility (located in Wisconsin) from start to finish, including raw material sourcing, manufacturing, testing, bottling, and labeling (you would be surprised at how many supplement companies outsource their manufacturing and testing).

Ortho Molecular offers a wide variety of supplements and we have hand-picked 4 that we think will benefit our clients the most. They are:


  • Lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition, and prescription medications can draw our energy reserves and cause an energy deficit. Mitochondrial micronutrients in MITOCORE will jump-start cellular energy production to boost overall cellular energy.
  • Includes micronutrients and phytonutrients (green tea, broccoli seed extract, and reseveratrol) to continually renew the cycle of energy production.


  • B vitamins are essential for the body to convert food into cellular energy. This comprehensive B complex supplement includes 8 essential B vitamins plus choline and inositol.
  • Ortho B includes folate, B6, and B12 for proper methylation which is critical for supporting many aspects of mental and physical health, including gene expression and DNA repair.


  • Melatonin secretion at night helps us get healthy sleep and is highest during childhood. Many adults have lower levels of melatonin secretion resulting in sleep disturbances. Melatonin supplements have been shown to help regulate sleep cycles for those with irregular sleep patterns.


  • Maintaining a healthy balance of the natural microflora in the GI tract is extremely important but can be offset by medications, excessive alcohol consumption, or poor nutrition.
  • Ortho Biotic is a probiotic that is meticulously manufactured with BioShield technology to ensure the microorganisms are stable, preserved, and released only on-target for maximum benefit.
  • Healthy gut microflora protects intestines and boosts immune function.

We choose all of our retail products – skin care and supplements – based on their reputation, clinical studies, client satisfaction and results. We don’t think you will be disappointed with the Ortho Molecular Supplements.

Stop by or call us (408.295.2580) if you are interested in purchasing Ortho Molecular Supplements in San Jose at Blu Cocoon.

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