PDO Threading

A non-surgical facelift that addresses loose and sagging skin


What is a PDO thread treatment

This revolutionary treatment is the new non-surgical facelift that addresses loose and sagging skin. Polydioxanone (PDO) threads that are used in the treatment are similar to those used in medical suturing. The threads are placed in strategic areas in the subcutaneous layer of the skin to lift and support tissue while simultaneously encouraging collagen production. Four to six months after treatment, the threads will naturally dissolve but the results will remain for a year or more.
Our main focus for PDO threads will be the neck and jowl area. However, we have also found that they are quite effective for brow lifting and jawline contouring. After just one treatment our clients experienced lift and an increase in collagen / elastin which also improved skin texture as well as support.
PDO threads can also be used for anything that needs texture (such as the lower face, crow’s feet, neck, chest, etc.,) or can be used to pop up things like glabella lines (the “11’s” in between the eyebrows), oral commissures, and nasolabial lines – perfect for those who are filler shy.

Types of PDO Threads

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal candidates for a PDO thread treatment are:

  • Individuals who are starting to see some droopiness of the brow, cheeks, jowls and/or neck and would like to stay ahead of the aging process.
  • Patients who have had a previous plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation and have seen some relapse.
  • Individuals who cannot have surgery for medical reasons or are not ready for a full surgical facelift.
  • The medical provider will mark and numb the treatment area with local anesthesia.
  • The PDO threads are inserted under the skin in precise locations. The injected thread grasps droopy skin and soft tissue to gently reposition it. No incisions or cuts are made to the skin.
  • When the thread is secure, the needle is removed without leaving any scars.

Thread lifts are safe and have a short recovery time. The treatment can be done without interrupting your regular life.