A Regular Facial Keeps Skin Healthy and Fights Aging

e recently extended our esthetic menu to include a variety of facials so clients can choose depending on their skin’s needs (see the menu here). Facials are luxurious, relaxing, and very beneficial for your skin’s health. Getting a facial every now and then is good, but getting a facial on a regular basis is even better. Here is why.

A Facial Encourages Healthy Skin
Skin cells slough off every 3o days or so, but as we get older, the sloughing process can take longer. The buildup of old cells can leave the skin looking dull. If you choose to have a monthly facial, this will encourage your skin to turnover and move the healthy cells to the surface. The result: more radiant skin.

A Facial Cleans Pores
Whether you have acne concerns or not, a good pore cleansing helps to remove excess oil and impurities. The result: smaller pore size and less breakouts.

A Facial Fights Aging
The components of a facial – cleansing, massage, exfoliation, facial mask, and use of antioxidant products – encourages collagen production (which slows down as we age). A deep exfoliation may reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage/age spots. The result: smooth and healthy-looking skin.

A Facial Keeps Your Skin on Track
Many of our clients use medical grade skin care products for their home care regimen. Adding in a regular facial allows products to absorb to a deeper level and maximizes their benefits. Also, it is a good time to discuss skin concerns with your esthetician.

A Facial Provides Relaxation
A monthly facial gives you time for yourself to close your eyes and completely relax.

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