Advanced Botox, Dsyport and Dermal Filler Techniques at Blu Cocoon Med Spa in San Jose

Recently when an Advanced Dermal Fillers/Botox/Dysport training opportunity was offered in Santa Monica, our Blu Cocoon nurses jumped on it! We came home excited to share our new techniques with clients so we set up a limited number of appointments where our clients received discounted services in exchange for us being able to use their before-and-after pictures. Needless to say, all appointments were booked in a matter of hours and the wait list was long!

For those who got in, we know you are thrilled with your new look and for those who didn’t, we wanted to let you know that we are now rolling out these services, at regular pricing, to everyone. Besides the usual spots for treatment (Nasolabial folds, lips, cheeks, tear troughs, smile lines, corners of mouth, crows feet, forehead, brow lift, in-between brows, etc.,) we will be offering:

  • jaw augmentation
  • mental/chin line augmentation
  • cleft chin augmentation
  • masseter/jaw-line narrowing
  • platysmal band softening
  • mid-face and lower-face filing
  • acne scar resurfacing
  • ear lobe filling
  • hand rejuvenation and more

    We may even have more opportunities available where you can save money and try out one of our new procedures so be on the lookout for a post on the Blu Cocoon Facebook page or an email in your inbox (sign up for our emails on our homepage).

Renew your outer beauty and inner spirit at Blu Cocoon Med Spa San Jose with a new advanced Botox, Dysport or dermal filler treatment! Call us at 408.295.2580 to make an appointment today.

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