Blu Cocoon Facials in San Jose

With kids back in school, summer is winding down. After a few months of being on the go and out in the sun, there is no better time to treat yourself – and your skin – to a facial for a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our San Jose MedSpa clinicians have done many facials, so we have seen and heard almost everything. Here are some tips on what to share with your clinician to insure that you get the facial that is best for your skin concerns and can yield results.

  • Tell us about your at-home skin care regimen. Some clients feel embarrassed because they are not using skin care products that we sell or promote at Blu Cocoon. Don’t be! Letting your clinician know what you are using will give her more of an edge to assessing your skin’s health.
  • Tell us if you have plans after your facial. Ideally when you get a facial, it’s best to let your skin be makeup free so your products can really sink in for the remainder of the day. Realistically, who has that time? If you have somewhere to be after the facial, tell your clinician. We can customize your facial so your skin looks glowing and is primed for you to apply your makeup.
  • Tell us if you have to use the restroom. You’ve just relaxed into your facial and realize that you need to use the restroom. We would rather have you get up and use the restroom for a few minutes instead of feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the facial.
  • Tell us how you feel about extractions. Some people love extractions, some people don’t. During your consultation before the facial, talk to your clinician about extractions. She can take a look at your skin and talk to you about your options so you know what to expect during your facial.
  • Ask us about the products we are using. Love the smell or feel of a product we are using in the facial. Ask us about it. We’re happy to share what it is and how it benefits your skin.

We offer our Blu Cocoon Classic Facial for all skin types. Analysis and consultation is used to customize your treatment so you get the optimum results. For those who are acne prone or want to prevent breakouts (adults and teens), we offer our Corrective Acne Treatment Facial.

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