Blu Cocoon Spotlight (Part 2): Ray Vargas, San Jose Personal Trainer and ISOTONEX Founder

San Jose personal trainer, Ray Vargas, founder of ISOTONEX, was so thorough with his answers in our interview that we had to split his answers into two blog posts. Here is the second half of his interview and, of course, we saved the best for last!

Q: At our San Jose med spa, Blu Cocoon, we are experts in renewing our clients outer beauty but also believe in renewing their inner spirit. Beauty is truly inner and outer. Can you talk to our blog readers about your approach to inner and outer fitness?

In my humble opinion, the most important key to achieving both inner and outer beauty is all about balance and harmony in all faucets of life. Here are my top tips for achieving personal success:

Get enough sleep.
Insomnia and other sleep-related disorders increase with age. If you’re chronically tired, your ability to deal with stressful situations is hampered. Dealing with this issue is especially important with regard to stress, as lack of sleep can cause stress, and stress can cause insomnia. Break out of this cycle by getting moderate exercise, avoiding excessive alcohol, and going to bed at the same time every night. Ask your doctor for help if you’re still experiencing problems.

Challenge your brain to think.
Push yourself mentally by doing crossword puzzles, read books that make you think, or take up a new hobby that requires mental concentration. These exercises keep your brain active and will help fight the natural mental aging process.

Turn off the TV.
As entertaining as it may be, the TV is completely passive. It requires nothing of you, and encourages you to shut your brain down. That’s the last thing you want to do! Turn your TV time into communication time. If you are limited in mobility and have used the TV for entertainment because it’s easy, you may want to try new ways to communicate with others and keep your mind active. You might enjoy going online and participating in a forum with like-minded individuals. Check reputable websites like FaceBook,, and your own church or community groups to get started.

Be social.
Having a social network has been proven to help people age gracefully, with higher levels of life satisfaction, and to maintain their physical and mental health. Join a club, take a class, or attend regular worship services to connect with others. Call or visit friends, play cards or games with groups of people. Do something, anything, to keep yourself entertained and your mind active while being engaged in an activity with other people.

Get physical.
Just as getting enough sleep will help you combat stress monsters, moving your body will give you a big boost, too. Take up hiking, join a walking club, go on mountain bike rides, or even schedule a regular bike ride around your neighborhood or local park. Consider taking a yoga class or look into a Zumba class in your town. Not only will these activities keep your body healthy and more able to fight stress, they’ll also help you feel less stressed in the first place.

Feel inspired? To start today with Ray, fill out this online form for a complimentary consultation or contact him at 408.506.2209.

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