Botox at Blu Cocoon is Buying a Service, Not Just Buying a Product

“Why are prices so cheap for Botox at some places and not at others?” At Blu Cocoon Med Spa we hear this from a lot of clients who see ads for Botox in San Jose at bargain-basement prices. We want to set the record straight about some “bargain” priced Botox that turns out to be not so much of a deal and talk about what price the customer may really pay if they do get a cheap Botox treatment.

An ad for “Botox for $99 An Area” is often what draws people in thinking they are getting Botox for a hundred bucks. Not really! An “area” may turn out to hardly cover anything above the right eye and the person will end up paying for 10 “areas” to have the entire forehead done. You get the picture.

At Blu Cocoon we sell Botox for $14 per unit while some places advertise for as low as $6 per unit. With a price this low, this barely covers the cost of Botox itself let alone the clinician who is administering it. Chances are that you may be getting a water-downed version of Botox or Dysport (mixed with saline) which results in a water-downed treatment.

Finally, if you do find a place that sells Botox for dirt-cheap, your treatment may end up getting more than you bargained for. Inexperienced injectors can leave your forehead frozen or give you a “surprised” look (eyebrows raised) or a heavily drooped eyelid or brow – and these are only some of the side effects of a bad Botox treatment. Is it really worth it?

When we sell Botox or Dysport treatments at our San Jose med spa, we are selling a service, not just a product. Our pricing includes the pure Botox product and a highly-skilled aesthetic nurse who is trained to maintain your natural expression and features, while giving you a relaxed look and nothing more!

If you’re interested in trying Botox, make an appointment today for a Botox consultation – either online or by phone at 408.295.2580 at Blu Cocoon Med Spa San Jose.

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