Community Giving at Blu Cocoon MedSpa in San Jose

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are rapidly approaching and people are gearing up for big festivities with loved ones and, hopefully, are also thinking of ways they can give back to those who have less, have experienced catastrophes or setbacks.

At Blu Cocoon MedSpa in San Jose we are also embracing the holiday festivities along with the gift of giving back, although our community giving does not start in November and end in January because there is always someone, or some organization, who is in need. With this in mind, our Blu Cocoon team got together and unanimously decided to continue giving throughout the year. Each staff member is assigned a month where they get to select a charity that they would like to support. If we exceed our goals for the month, the bonus money that would go to the staff is instead donated to the charity of choice. While some months no money is given out, other months Blu Cocoon has donated $100 to $500+ dollars to charities. We don’t tell the charities ahead of time, instead we send them a check on behalf of the staff member that chose them so it comes as a nice surprise!

Some of the charities that staff members have chosen to support are the Humane Society, Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Remember the Children, and Operation Hope. These charities have received donations totaling over $1,200 from us.

We also support other charitable causes for various reasons (these are not staff picks) and have donated over $1,800 to the Junior League of San Jose and SO Educational Program. In addition to cash donations, we donate items to local schools and charities for their fundraisers.

This holiday season we extend our spirit of giving through our annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive and our staff has also decided to “adopt a family”. We hope that our efforts inspire others to find a cause, start a cause, adopt a cause, or support a cause because the glow-y feeling of giving is something that stays with you after the holidays are long gone.

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