Facial Mask Chemical Peels in San Jose at Blu Cocoon

“When is the best time of year to get a peel?” We get asked that frequently at our San Jose med spa. The answer: any time. But especially when one season is ending and a new one is beginning because the change in weather can dramatically change your skin. For instance, we are now coming off winter weather and it is a great time to get a peel! The combination of cold and dry in the winter months steals moisture from our skin (the skin actually loses up to 25% of its ability to hold moisture) and many of us are left with parched skin that is dull and/or rough. The best way to reinvigorate the skin to bring back a dewy complexion is through exfoliation.

At-home exfoliators can get some of the job done but if you are looking to refresh your skin in one clean swoop, then a Facial Mask Peel at Blu Cocoon is what you need to do. Since we are a medical spa, we are able to use higher concentrations of glycolic or salicylic acids for our peels and that helps us to go deeper in the skin which, in turn, gives you a better result (than you’d get from an at-home exfoliating peel).

What can a facial mask peel do for you? The answer: a lot! One of the best aspects of a peel is that it can address multiple skin concerns. Sloughing off the top layer of dead skin cells and penetrating the layers beneath will help to soften fine lines, remove some of the excess pigmentation (sun spots), combat active acne, improve skin texture, and promote a rosy glow. In addition to all of this, your skin care products will penetrate more deeply and evenly after a facial peel.

Facial mask peels are great for all skin types. Your Blu Cocoon clinician will help you choose which peel is right for your needs. A series of peel treatments (6) may be recommended to achieve optimum results.

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