Get a Facial in San Jose at Blu Cocoon for Healthy, Vibrant Skin

At Blu Cocoon MedSpa in San Jose, we see lots of skin. ;-) Although our estheticians learned about skin in school, their expertise in the subject really stems from day-to-day interaction with all different skin types and skin concerns. Clients come in with many issues – too dry, too oily, too much of a combination, too saggy, too dull, too fragile, too many breakouts, too red (these examples are just the tip of the iceberg) – but most of them have one goal in mind – clear, healthy, glowing skin. How can beautiful skin be achieved?

Every person’s skin situation is unique and so there is no one-size-fits-all skin care solution. However, one thing that we all agree on at Blu Cocoon (and skin experts do too) is that routine facials can dramatically boost skin health. Don’t let people tell you that facials are just a foo-foo luxury service. Their benefits far outweigh their foo-foo-ness!

Here are five good reasons why regular facials are beneficial:

  • Your skin gets some TLC. Most of us don’t spend that much time on our skin care routine. A few minutes in the morning and a few in the evening. Skin that lacks attention can feel dry and unhealthy. A facial can re-energize the skin, giving it a taut and firmer feeling.
  • Your skin gets a replenishment. Our facials incorporate medical grade skin care products – those that have a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals that your skin may be lacking. A facial feeds your skin and gives it the necessary time to absorb these ingredients.
  • Your skin’s elasticity gets a boost. Stress and not enough sleep can cause your features to look drawn and tired. A facial massage, that often accompanies a facial, softens and stretches your tissue, encouraging elasticity which, in turn, makes your skin look more plump.
  • Nutrient flow is restored to your skin. Facial massage encourages more circulation which reboots the nutrient flow to your skin, upping the production of collagen, elastin, and natural moisturizing substances to your skin.
  • An inner glow will naturally boost your outer glow. A facial allows you to take a step outside of your busy schedule and gives you a chance for some peace, quiet and relaxation. Not surprisingly, feeling calm and relaxed on the inside is often reflected on the outside.

So, allow yourself to have a facial regularly. It’s not just a treat for you, it’s a treat for your skin, too. You skin’s appearance will be healthier, clearer, smoother, plumper, and brighter. And you’ll feel fabulous as you face the world!

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