Holiday Skin Care Tips from Blu Cocoon MedSpa

“Prevention is the best medicine.” You may have heard this old saying from your mom or from one of us at Blu Cocoon MedSpa in San Jose because we believe there is truth in it. Prevent your wrinkles by using sun protection diligently. Prevent skin aging by use anti-oxidant products diligently . . . you get the picture. In light of this, we hope that our loyal Blu Cocoon clients have been taking care of their skin throughout the year so that the holiday season won’t completely wreak havoc on them! Whether you’ve been faithful about getting your facials regularly and using a good skin care regimen, or not, we hope that these holiday skin care tips can help you maintain (or re-claim) your glow this season and in the coming New Year.

Bah! Humbug! Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes
Holiday parties, kids performances, dinners out, late night shopping and other activities that most of us pack into December can take their toll. For some, less sleep and more stress can be spotted easily by the offending dark circles and puffy eyes that appear.

Tip: Eye puffiness can be remedied by placing refrigerated teabags (that have already been steeped) on closed eyes. Lie down, place tea bags on the eyes, cover with clean cloth. Either black or green tea will give you the same result. Note that eye puffiness may not only be caused by late nights but also may be a result of a higher sodium intake (think about all those holiday party appetizers and meals out). Snacking on bananas and raisins can help alleviate fluid retention and exercise can help move fluids through your body faster. Dark circles can be trickier to address and that is why we always recommend using an eye cream like Obagi’s Elastiderm Eye Cream. If you are already using it, consider upping your application to twice daily (first thing in the morning and just before bed). If you love another brand of eye cream, make sure it is thick and creamy to provide more moisture during the cold season.

Bah! Humbug! Stained Lips
Red wine can be your best friend while you are indulging, but can be your enemy the next morning (in more ways than one!). Who wants to show up at work with wine-stained lips? Not us!

Tip: Blot your lips whilst you are enjoying your Cabernet. Try your best to avoid wiping the wine away with a napkin. If you still end up with wine-stained lips it is because the wine is clinging to the dry skin on your lips. This means you need to exfoliate. There are a few ways to do this: 1) mix sugar and olive oil into a paste consistency and gently rub the mixture on your lips using a washcloth and rinse with warm water 2) use an old soft toothbrush with a little petroleum jelly and rub the toothbrush gently in circular motions, rinse with warm water. If these don’t work for you, try gently rubbing the lips with lemon juice. After you’ve exfoliated, apply a moisturizing lip balm to protect the new skin that is at the surface.

Bah! Humbug! Acne Breakouts
For many women, even those who aren’t prone to acne, the biggest holiday skin problem they face is an acne breakout. The stress and demands of the holiday month can cause turmoil on the skin. And pimples are the last thing we want when we are seeing lots of family and friends!

Tip: Make sure that you have a salicylic spot treatment in your medicine cabinet. Salicylic is mild enough so it won’t dry your skin out, but will attack your zit. For those who suffer from acne more regularly, we highly recommend Obagi’s Clenziderm 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Therapeutic Lotion. What makes this different than other benzoyl peroxide products? The benzoyl peroxide is in a solubilized form that allows it to penetrate deeper than any other benzoyl peroxide product available. It truly gets to the root of acne.  Use as a spot treatment or use daily on a preventative program. If your acne is not resolved using the above treatments, come in to Blu Cocoon for our Corrective Acne Treatment. This effective facial treatment can help clear the breakout and improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Bah! Humbug! Dehydrated Skin
And for the rest of the people who don’t suffer from acne during the holidays, there is the problem of dry, dehydrated skin. Drinking, cold weather, indoor heat, and lack of moisture in the air can all make your skin parched.

Tip: Check out which moisturizer you are using. If you are still using a lightweight one leftover from the summer you will want to consider switching to a richer formula and one that contains hyaluronic acid (which draws moisture to the skin). Keep your skin fresh by exfoliating weekly to slough off the dead skin so your products can penetrate better. Of course we always recommend taking time for yourself and you can do this by booking a Blu Cocoon Classic Facial. This customized facial will rejuvenate, revitalize, and re-hydrate your skin.

If you have questions about your skin during the holiday season – or any time of year – and are interested to see what products or Blu Cocoon spa services may help your skin concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at 408.295.2580.

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