How Blu Cocoon – A San Jose Medical Spa – Got It’s Unique Name

Many of you have asked how Blu Cocoon Med Spa got our name. Let us tell you!

When co-founders Cristina Ignacio and Cecilia Cayabyab were trying to pick a name, they knew that they did not want something cliche in the medical spa industry such as “rejuvenate”, “renew”, “recharge” . . . You get the idea! So they went to the drawing board!

They decided on using cocoon in the name because a cocoon symbolizes a rebirth – many insects surround themselves with cocoons to be protected from an unfriendly winter environment and re-emerge in the spring. For the insects, a cocoon is not a beginning, but more of a starting over, a second chance. What emerges from a cocoon is a beautiful creation that has taken time, patience, and effort. Similarly, a true medical spa (as opposed to a day spa) is constantly re-creating a person – whether that is through smoothing wrinkles (with Botox or Dysport) or clearing acne-prone skin or erasing hyperpigmentation – with noticeable results that makes the person feel beautiful on the outside and the inside.

After both agreeing that they’d like to use Cocoon as part of the name – they wanted to add something more to it. How did they ever come up with “Blu”? Both Cristina and Cecilia had previous experience in the medical aesthetic field and they knew instinctively that “blue” was their color. Blue light is found in cutting edge technology (which, of course, Blu Cocoon utilizes) such as the blue light and the blue laser and, secondly, the color blue has become associated with peace and serenity (which, of course, Blu Cocoon also provides!). Then, just for a touch of uniqueness, they both decided to drop the “E” and, hence, Blu Cocoon Med Spa was born!

Blu Cocoon offers more than just a place to “beautify”. Visit our San Jose medical spa and you will see that it’s a renewing experience that, with time, effort and patience, produces a truly new and improved end result.

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