Latisse Eyelash Enhancer: A Blu Cocoon Beauty Regimen “Must”

Eyes can say so much without a person actually saying anything and eyelashes emphasize the message they convey. Full, rich eyelashes frame the eyes and help to open them up. Unfortunately as we age, our lashes get thinner and less full (like our faces) which is why we recommend adding LATISSE to your beauty regimen. Latisse is the only FDA-approved product that grows eyelashes to increase their overall prominence.

Blu Coccoon’s recommended beauty regimen includes cleansing twice a day, using an exfoliant and a retinol cream a few times per week, moisturizing, and, of course, using sunscreen daily! Adding in Latisse is easy and satisfying because we know that you will see results if you use it as directed. Simply use Latisse at night, after you have cleansed your face and your eyes are free of makeup. Apply Latisse to the base of the eyelashes on the upper lid and that’s it!

Most Latisse users begin to see their eyelashes getting longer, thicker, and sometimes darker, starting at 8 weeks and full results can bee seen between 12 to 16 weeks. Some of the Blu Cocoon girls and many of our clients have used (or are using) Latisse and are loving their “new” lashes.

Last week Latisse became available in 5 mL (originally sold in 3 mL only) offering 67% more product for 10 weeks of usage. This is an excellent option for all Latisse users – giving us more product at a better price point. Get Latisse in San Jose at Blu Cocoon today and look forward to luscious lashes in the near future.

* We want to see your results! Take before and after pictures and email them to us. We may share them on our medspa blog or our Blu Cocoon Facebook page.

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