May is Melanoma Awareness Month

At our San Jose Med Spa, we are huge advocates of using sunscreen to prevent the signs of aging. What we don’t mention as much – but is equally as important – is that the daily use of sunscreen can also reduce the risk of developing melanoma (skin cancer).

Since May is Melanoma Awareness month, we’d like to share information about it from the Skin Cancer Foundation as a reminder to take care of your skin.

Who is at risk for melanoma?
Everyone, however some people have an increased risk because of:

  • Cumulative sun exposure (did you have a lot of sunburns in childhood?)
  • Tanning booth usage
  • Skin type (fairer skin is at an increased risk)
  • Weakened immune system (as a result of chemotherapy or diseases such as HIV/AIDS)
  • Family history of melanoma

What are the warning signs of melanoma?
The Skin Cancer Foundation has put together a list called “The ABCDEs of Melanoma” to help identify warning signs:

  • A – Asymmetry: If you were to draw a line through a mole and the two sides don’t match, then it is asymmetrical and should be evaluated.
  • B – Border: Early melanomas tend to have uneven borders with scalloped or notched edges.
  • C – Color: Most benign moles are a single shade of brown; a melanoma could be a variety of shades of brown, tan, or black, or they may become red, white or blue.
  • D – Diameter: Benign moles usually have a smaller diameter; melanomas are usually larger than the eraser on a pencil tip (but could be detected when they are smaller).
  • E – Evolving: If a mole is evolving – changing in size, shape, color, elevation, or another trait (bleeding, itchy, crusting) – be on alert.

Reduce your risk of melanoma and aging by wearing sunscreen daily and year round (and don’t forget to re-apply after prolonged exposure to sun or water, or excessive sweating).

At Blu Cocoon we have many sunscreen options that have been handpicked based on their efficacy and reputation within the medical cosmetics community, such as SkinMedica, TiZO, Colorescience (pictured above), PCA Skin, Elta MD, and more. Next time you are in, ask your Blu Cocoon clinician or our front desk staff which sunscreen would be best for you.

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