Meet Blu Cocoon’s Medical Director, Dr. Howard Rosenberg

Many of you know our fabulous group of nurses and aestheticians that work at Blu Cocoon in San Jose, but are not as familiar with the man behind the Cocoon. Dr. Howard Rosenberg, Blu Cocoon’s Medical Director, is one of the most respected plastic surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since his teens Dr. Rosenberg knew he had a calling to help others. He wanted to become a physician and possibly a cardiac surgeon. After medical school, while interning at UCLA, he was introduced to plastic surgery and felt drawn to it because of how passionate the other surgeons were about this specialty. He loved the fact that plastic surgery is creative and primarily elective – patients usually come to see him to make a positive change, not because a health-related illness forces them to.

Aside from providing medical leadership at Blu Cocoon, Dr. Rosenberg also has a thriving plastic surgery practice in Mountain View, called Accent on Aesthetics, where he offers a variety of medical makeover services including:

  • Facial Plastic Surgery to rejuvenate appearance. Dr. Rosenberg performs the following facial renewal procedures: face lifts, neck lifts, eyelid lifts, brow lifts, chin surgery, rhinoplasty and ear pinning (otoplasty).
  • Breast Augmentation including breast lifts, breast augmentation with implants, breast reduction, breast reconstruction following a lumpectomy or mastectomy, and male breast reduction.
  • Body Contouring to achieve the body that you want, or perfect the body you already have. Body contouring can target the abdomen (tummy tuck), sagging skin on the arms or thighs (arm lift, thigh lift) or address different problem areas through liposuction or BodyTite™ Liposuction.

Through years of experience and training, Dr. Rosenberg has honed his skills to develop his own signature technique for each procedure he performs. Each surgery is individualized towards the patient and their wishes. For a plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Rosenberg, call his office at 650.961.2652.

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