San Jose Med Spa Blu Cocoon Esthetician Services

At Blu Cocoon we like to help our clients to look youthful (with Botox or Dypsort and dermal fillers), hair-free (with laser hair removal) and we love to help our clients achieve and maintain healthy, glowing skin. Plump, vibrant skin makes a great foundation for all other treatments – such as anti-wrinkle treatments, FotoFacials, Laser Facials and skin tightening.

How do you get radiant skin? For most people, great skin is something that they have to work towards. With proper home care and routine visits to see us, achieving a nice complexion becomes much easier. We combine traditional “day spa” facial services with medical grade products and highly knowledgeable Medical Estheticians so that your treatment serves two purposes: relaxation and results.

Our Blu Cocoon Classic Facial includes a thorough skin analysis and consultation that our Esthetician uses to customize the treatment for your skin. The Classic Facial includes extractions, exfoliation, and a therapeutic mask. Home care product consultation is included so that you may maintain the results of your revitalized skin until your next treatment. A consistent regimen of facials is recommended to keep your skin glowing and to prevent future damage.

For those who suffer from adult acne (and for teens who are tired of using drugstore products that don’t do much), we offer the Corrective Acne Treatment designed to help remove congestion, blackheads and clear up breakouts. A complete skin analysis is included along with a home care regimen to keep your skin clear and radiant.

If you are looking to improve your skin’s texture and diminish fine lines, one of our Facial Mask Peels can help. Both the Glycolic and Salicyclic facial masks will expedite exfoliation to improve skin clarity and enhance overall appearance. A series of facial mask peels yields best results.

We offer a more advanced skin therapy service for those who want to reduce wrinkles and the signs of aging. The Live Stem Cell Skin Therapy treatment has been clinical proven to grow new skin and renew compromised skin through the introduction of genetically flawless live stem cells. Two types of treatments are available: one is geared towards hydration and restoration for those with environmentally damaged skin and the other tightens and tones for skin that has lost elasticity and flexibility.

Combine any of our esthetician services with a gentle, yet effective, resurfacing procedure – VibraDermabrasion. This progressive treatment will reduce sun damage, age spots, fine lines, acne scarring and discoloration problems. It is also available by itself and best results are achieved after a series of six treatments (done at regular intervals).

The quality of these services depends not only on the combination of products and techniques, but also on the Medical Esthetician who is providing them. Our estheticians at Blu Cocoon are highly-trained, keep current about skin care and skin conditions and feel passionate about helping every individual get superb results.

Recently we sadly said “Goodbye” to one of our talented Medical Estheticians, Jamie Ricks, who is moving to Santa Barbara to attend nursing school (and we will excitedly welcome her back with open arms when she is done!) but before she left she participated in the process of selecting and training a new esthetician, Teresa Oliveira, so that she could leave her clients in capable hands.

We extend a warm welcome to Teresa and invite you to try one of our esthetician services with her soon. For an appointment, call Blu Cocoon Med Spa in San Jose at 408.295.2580 today!

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