San Jose MedSpa Says No to At-Home Botox Parties

Have you seen Botox parties on reality TV or been invited to attend one? Sounds ideal! A “girl’s night in” where you can hang with your friends, have some wine, and relax your wrinkles – all in the comfort of a friend’s living room.

Well, as much as we LOVE Botox at Blu Cocoon MedSpa, we’ve never been a fan of at-home Botox parties and here is why:

  • Regulations are out the window when you’re having Botox done in someone’s living room. Is your Botox clinician a nurse, nurse practitioner, Physician’s Assistant, or a Physician? Some of these Botox parties have cosmetologists administering the product. Scary!
  • Even if a Botox party has a nurse administering the product there is no guarantee that the product is pure. It could easily have been diluted or altered, especially if it wasn’t bought from a certified Botox rep.
  • No one wants Botox done with a dirty needle! Medspas and doctor’s offices adhere to strict sanitary guidelines for a patient’s safety and offer services such as Botox and fillers using clean and sterile needles. We shudder to say this but at your BFF’s Botox party this may not be the case.
  • Medical charting is a must at Blu Cocoon – and at other reputable medspas. We keep track of every one of your injections and treatments so should something arise in the future, we can take a look back on your history of treatment. We’re pretty sure that medical charting is not part of Botox party protocol.
  • Finally, if you show up at a Botox party and you’re a Botox virgin, but not a great candidate for Botox, you’ll probably end up getting it anyway. If you go to a medical spa or physician’s office, you can have a consultation where they may recommend another course of treatment (perhaps dermal fillers instead of Botox) that may do more to enhance your beauty than a few Botox shots.

Many people have had life-changing, fabulous results from using Botox or Dysport. We know there’s temptation to having your Botox done with booze and buddies but we suggest keeping your girls night separate from a medical procedure and letting Blu Cocoon be your San Jose Botox fix!

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