San Jose Wrinkle Treatment

What are the two of the biggest appearance “agers”? Lines and wrinkles. Both lines and wrinkles start to appear as we age for many reasons and there are ways to treat them. But before we talk treatment options, we want to tell you a little bit more about lines and wrinkles – and, no, they are not the same – and explain what causes each of them. Then we will discuss prevention and treatment.

Often we use the words “lines” and “wrinkles” interchangeably but there is a difference. Lines tend to be fine and small. They occur from repeated muscle movement and, over time as the skin loses elasticity and the ability to snap back into place, the line becomes etched into your skin. Lines most frequently occur below and at the corner of the eyes (“crow’s feet”), at the sides of the mouth, between the brow, on the cheek and the forehead.

Wrinkles are more prominent ridges, folds, and creases in the skin. Wrinkles can be caused by one or more of the following: sun exposure and/or sun damage, breakdown of collagen and elastin, and dehydrated skin. They can appear almost anywhere on the face, neck, hands, and chest. A line can turn into a wrinkle if it deepens over time.

While lines and wrinkles cannot be fully prevented, there are a few things that you can do to help lessen the severity of them:

  • Use sunblock every day
  • Keep your skin hydrated with a good moisturizer
  • Do exfoliating treatments (like VibraDermabrasion) to increase cell turnover and fight fine lines
  • Boost collagen by using tretinoin cream (Retin-A)
  • Stop smoking

If lines and wrinkles have settled in, don’t fret! There are some very effective options for treating them:

  • Botox or Dysport (one of the most popular treatments for lines and wrinkles) works by relaxing the muscle that is causing the line or wrinkle. It is temporary, lasting 3 to 4 months.
  • Dermal Fillers (such as Restylane or Juvederm) fill in crevices and folds to lessen their severity and add volume that is lost due to aging. Fillers can last 6 months or more.

Whether you are interested in keeping your lines and wrinkles at bay or want to erase the signs of aging, we are here to help! Request an appointment online or call us at 408.295.2580 to schedule your San Jose wrinkle treatment.

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