The Truth About Laser Hair Removal By San Jose’s Blu Cocoon Med Spa

Hair – it’s everywhere! We want to grow it on our heads but remove it from our bodies. Many of our clients who have come in to see us for laser hair removal are interested in having their hair gone, gone, gone. Whether it is on the face, under the arms, on the back, in the bikini area or on the legs, everyone has the same request: “Please remove the hair from there!”

At Blu Cocoon, we believe in giving our clients accurate information about our procedures so that they will have realistic expectations of what their results will be. We would love to say “Yes, we will remove your hair from there and it will be gone forever and ever” but that could be misleading and that’s why we want to set the story straight about laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal or Laser Hair Reduction: Which Is It?

Many people call it laser hair removal but it really is Laser Hair Reduction – which is what we call our service. In fact, the FDA does not allow us to call it “Permanent Hair Removal” since most people do not experience permanent hair loss. Laser Hair Reduction can provide a permanent reduction of unwanted hair, not necessarily permanent hair removal, although sometimes it does happen.

Why Would Someone Get Different Results Than Me?

We feel lucky that we can offer laser hair reduction to people of varying skin and hair types these days! When laser hair reduction first came on the market, the only candidate was fair-skinned with coarse dark hair because the melanin in the dark hair follicles, against the white skin, made it an easy target for the laser. As laser hair reduction advanced, newer lasers with differing wavelengths began to make it possible to target lighter textured hairs and hair in darker skin. Unfortunately, we still do not see reduction with lighter colored hairs (red, blond, gray). If someone you know has a different result than you, it’s probably due to the combination of their skin type, hair color and texture.

How Many Treatments Will I Need To Get the Best Result?

We usually recommend a minimum of five treatments, however, it depends on different factors such as hair color, hair texture and skin color. Before buying a hair reduction package, we encourage you to make an appointment to discuss your desired result.

I Had Laser Hair Removal Over a Year Ago With Great Results and Now Some Hairs are Growing Back! Why?

This is why we call it “reduction” and not “removal”! Sometimes hair can be stimulated to re-grow because the follicles were not completely destroyed, they were just rendered dormant for a long time. Hormone imbalances, such as PCOS, can also cause re-growth. If some hair grows back (usually not all of it comes back) we suggest scheduling a laser treatment for touch-ups. We want to note that to see permanent hair removal on your face, especially if you are a woman, may take an act of divine intervention, but is always worth trying!

Does Laser Hair Reduction Hurt?

Laser hair reduction used to be painful and pricey. The good news is that advancements were made in making the treatment more effective and also making it much more tolerable. Some lasers have built in cooling systems to provide comfort during the treatment and, additionally, treatments can be done with a prescription numbing cream (which is always included with your treatment at Blu Cocoon). Blu Cocoon clients say laser hair reduction treatments are very tolerable.

Who Should Have Laser Hair Reduction Done?

If you’re over the task of shaving daily or keeping up with your waxing appointment or handling bleaching creams and epilators, or if you’re just simply tired of having hair there then you are an ideal candidate for laser hair reduction.

To schedule a Laser Hair Reduction consultation at Blu Cocoon call us at 408-295-2580.

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